28apr(apr 28)23:5929(apr 29)10:00DYNAMIC with YOSHIKO, YUNGFYA, MAKOSSIRI, WAYNETTE @ Mensch Meier

Event Details

Genres: Happy Hardcore, Gabber, Acid, Tekno, Techno, Trance, DnB, Bass, Deep/Chill

Yoshiko (BKJN Bookings) [Hardcore]

Yungfya (Femme Bass Mafia) [Bass]

Makossiri (Ginene Records) [Hardcore / Afro-Futurism]

WAYNETTE [Hardcore Techno)

Rakita [Trance Kitsch / Hardstyle]

Arlenys (DYNAMIC) [Techno]

Carmel Zoum (One Vision Agency BMCA) [Psy DnB]

Rafush (Yoko Yoko) [Bass]

MINIK (DYNAMIC) [Frenchcore / Uptempo]

Mila Chiral (DYNAMIC) [Techno / Acid Rave]

Jule Bambule (DYNAMIC) [Tekno]

Spiriel (DYNAMIC) [Gabberdisco / Frenchcore]

Natural Psyborg (DYNAMIC) [Psytrance]

K A L I [Acid Techno]

DYNAMIC is a Hardcore Rave series created by and for FLINTA*s
Intersectionality, Queer-Feminism and Hard Dance – that’s the beating heart of our mission. Our powerful and relentless tunes range from Gabber and Happy Hardcore to Drum’n’Bass, Goa, Industrial Techno, Bass, Acid and Trance. At DYNAMIC, we believe that music and movement can spark social change. And that individuals who experience sexism, racism, or other types of discrimination may harbor a particular kind of anger that can be transformed into a form of creative energy expressed through fast and intense music. We celebrate diversity and reject all forms of discrimination, creating an inclusive space with an atmosphere of peace, love, respect and unity. People of all genders are welcome at our parties. Our priority is your safety and well-being. If you notice someone not feeling well or behaving inappropriately towards others, please inform us immediately at the door or kiosk. We are committed to addressing any issues that may arise.
Join us at our wheelchair-accessible venue and get ready to rave!

Fast entrance tips:
– Pack light: for security reasons, all bags will be checked – better leave big bags at home.
– No liquids: Mensch Meier has a strict no GHB policy – avoid inconvenience and don’t bring any.
– Sticker phone camera before arriving
– Arrive early – Box office only!


28. April 2023 23:59 - 29. April 2023 10:00(GMT+02:00)

Mensch Meier | BERLIN