Futura Sound Observations: Ana Helder THC 3Ddancer LIVE @ arkaoda Berlin

12nov(nov 12)22:0013(nov 13)06:00Futura Sound Observations: Ana Helder THC 3Ddancer LIVE @ arkaoda Berlin

Event Details

22:30 – 01:00 Ana Helder
01:00 – 03:30 THC
03:30 – 05:30 3D Dancer LIVE

Ana Helder
Since a while she lives between two continents and likes to sit on the fence: Argentinian breed Ana Helder is part of the global team Cómeme and as a producer, she has develop a steady, growing discography with a deep musicality and an open attitude to house music, amplifying the genre with discreet boogie, disco and funk particles.

Her DJ sets are dedicated to the rough riding way of dance music, where a loco kind of Jack is king and wily rhythms thrill your senses. When she is not touring around the globe, she dances with her South American peers in cities like her hometown Rosario, Buenos Aires, Brazil or Santiago de Chile.

In 2020´s may she has dropped “Landpark” a five new tunes EP on Müstique that if you listen you’ll wish acid never dies and a month later she debuts on Optimo Music Digital Danceforce with “Boleto 101” EP where Some psychedelic overdubs on a Minimoog fill the funky space.

Bogotá-born, Berlin-based Tania Humeres Correa plays under the moniker of her own initials: THC. It’s not a gimmick – to hear a track slammed into another so deftly is a psychoactive experience.
THC’s sets are kinetic, propulsive in this way. High-energy without a loss of soul, hard-hitting and still very playful and very gay. We are reminded that techno need not be a gloomy, rumbling march, and that house has a whole range of attitudes at the same time ruthless and smiling. She blazes, to put it simply.

Having heated Berlin dancefloors and airwaves for a few years, THC is now a resident at Radiant Love and Venus Vessels, and has begun working at the record label A7A. She plays regularly at HÖR radio, and has released mixes via Club Quarantäne, Rinse France, and Standard Deviation. The last year has also seen her playing alongside her brother Dominik as the duo unit S-candalo. Regardless of format, there are always those THC-signatures: punch; euphoria; and streaks of vocal samples intoning the classic dancefloor theme of unity, be it political, sexual, spiritual or some sweaty mixture of it all.

3Ddancer (a trio composed of Alex the Fairy, Rachel Lyn & Volruptus) perform live as an improvised freeform act akin to an electronic free jazz band, who are equipped with an array of electronic instruments. The 3 artists bring their unique styles together to form a new vision of harder, faster, experimental dance music: rhythm heavy and drenched in emotive and visceral musical forms. Their unique individual projects already being strongly defined and established provide a powerful foundation which multiplies and combines the trio to form a truly powerful combination of flavours, an experience like no other. The project cuts its teeth closing the renowned Modular Gang/Oscillate parties, culminating in a debut live album (“great fucking success”) released in late 2019. From there they went on to play for 8 hours in Saule (Berghain) for CTM Festival followed by a quick dash to Mutabor in Moscow before lockdown. Resurfacing for recent closings at Mjut and Hard Trade/Funkhaus, 3Ddancer has proven to be a truly living, breathing entity in its own right that continues to grow and reinterpret itself.


12 (Saturday) 22:00 - 13 (Sunday) 06:00(GMT+01:00)