Waxing Phases x Art Bei Ton - Eclipse 1 @ ACUD MACHT NEU

30nov01decWaxing Phases x Art Bei Ton - Eclipse 1 @ ACUD MACHT NEU

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Raise your eyes to the sky and look at something unique that the sun and the moon can do on rare occasions.
The most influential planets come together and create a different atmosphere around us.
ECLIPSE 1 is all this!
From the union of Waxing Phases and Art Bei Ton comes the first of three events where meditation at the moon is combined with the energy of the sun to create a unique experience where you are immersed.
A long night from Ambient to Experimental Techno.
Modular live sets, A/V live performances, Dj sets, Art performances, VJing and more.
An immersive-meditative experience that gives life to movement and freedom of expression.


– ASERET, Or Sarfati – A/V live
– The Abyss Within Us, Daniele Bornino – A/V live
(The Gods Planet)
– Camilla Pisani, Spherical aberration – A/V live
(Midira Records)
– Samo Rane
(Art Bei Ton)

– Hórnbęrg
– Tetra. – A/V live + Performance
– Nomi Elektra – live
(Art Bei Ton)
– Jessica Kert – live
VJing Future Error


berlin-based project dedicated to Ambient-Drone Music as Composer and Live Performer.
The purpose of his works is to bring back to foreground the human value of each person, giving him, through the music, a chance to identify himself and reconsider his own spaces, in contrast with a world increasingly hectic.
Active in Berlin since 2017 with several concerts. Co-founder of the Ambient Audiovisual event Waxing Phases.


is a musician / visual artist which uses modern tools and techniques mixed with traditional and classical approaches, to generate environments inspired by the digital and physical world. Each act is a mix of composition and improvisation giving a different result while keeping an organic sensation.


is an audio/visual project composed by Italian musicians Claudio Porceddu (aka Claudio PRC) and Stefano Ferrari (aka Menion) with the visual contribution by Italian cinematographer Daniele Giuseppe Bornino. The Abyss Within Us first release on TGP is a live studio sessions recorded during winter 2017 in Berlin. Analogue drums and synthesizers, guitar and fx’s, moving images.


is an audiovisual artist based in Rome. She looks for the interaction between space, sounds and abstract graphic signs. Her music is a hybrid, moving into a set of influences: ambient, drone, soundscape, soft noise, and minimal electronic. She composes field recordings, suspended atmospheres, hypnotic textures marked by concrete rhythms.


… Ioana Bilea is an environmental scientist/artist, from Brasov, Romania currently living in Berlin, creating audio-visual works with an ecological background. She works with music and culture events, as well as creative spaces, music and video artists doing video mappings, visuals, installations, music and videos.


Ambient / Techno producer and Dj from Iran live in Berlin.
Radio / Podcast [ mercy TECHNO ]


A mutifaceted project born as a synergy between music dance and visual art. The spectator is brought into a parallel reality and involved into a multisensorial experience made of movements pauses and antethical reactions that follow an irregular auditory flow. The perception is brought from its usual dynamics to blend and get lost in a new and never ending illusion: the “Tetra illusion”.


Emolektra – a burst into the unconsciousness – dark, pleasant but not prettied up.
„In contrast to the society that I am growing up in, in which primarily facts and perfection count and in which feelings are seldom given room, my music world offers a place for my emotions to flow freely and unfiltered.“
Nomi Elektra performs live with analogue hardware gear and combines melodies and basslines with a touch of 80’s Darkwave and the danceability and rawness of Berlin’s Techno.
With her bands, Nomi & Aino and Gehirnfrost, she has performed in venues such as SO36, Badehaus, Gretchen and other clubs in Berlin and toured various cities in Germany. In March 2018 Nomi & Aino along with the band, Guts Pie Earshot, created a soundtrack LP for the movie „Deckname Jenny“.
Since the beginning of 2018, she has also been active as a solo artist and plays in several clubs in and around Berlin and has performed on bigger festivals like „Zurück zu den Wurzeln“ and the Fashionweek Opening 2018.
She’s active in several queer networking groups focusing on female-identifying artists on stage and organizes events with that focus in the lineup. For these projects, she has collaborated with several local and foreign artists and collectives like „Synthbabes“ (Sweden based), „Amplitüde“ and „Aller Ende Anfang“


the matter from which a thing is.
the matter from which a thing can be made.
pushing the boundaries – electronic explorations.


originated near Frankfurt am Main, Mark Fuchs is a visual artist and a techno music lover. He started making videos in 2004 under the name Bricoleur (and later Mark Shreier or Optics4Vision) influenced by music videos such as Anthony Rother Hacker.


November 30 (Saturday) 20:30 - December 1 (Sunday) 05:00(GMT+01:00)