You DJ so bad, you think „bpm“ is a file extension.

You DJ so bad your mix tapes self destruct.

You DJ so bad, when one of your tables wasn’t working and they told you to check if it was the right channel, you checked your TV.

You DJ so bad, you look for new needles in the sewing department at Media Markt.

You DJ so bad, that the power went out at your gig, and everyone started clapping.

You Dj so bad, you make tiesto look good.

You DJ so bad that when requests are made, they are for you to TAKE THAT RECORD OFF!

You DJ so bad, you got training wheels on your setup.

You DJ so bad, you thought 1200’s was the price tag.

You DJ so bad, you played an acappella by mistake and wonder for 3 full minutes where the bass had went.

You DJ so bad that the block party went to the next block over

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