Another house music rendez-vous with some Salon Records mates!

The night will start at 10 PM in the garden with some chill music and the possibility to enjoy some birthday burgers and cocktails.

The garden floor will be open until the morning entertained by some special birthday guests. We will play some classic, disco, synthe pop, pop Kraftwerkien, samba, latin, cha-cha-cha, electro, house & more

At midnight, will the Salon Floor open its doors to three super house djs: Audio Werner, Jackbox aka Toby Deachamps & the birthday boy of the night: Jon Attend!
Be ready for some serious fine mixes of house, deep house & minimal house untill the late morning…

Salon Floor: House / Techno Floor

Audio Werner
Jon Attend

Garten Floor / Suite Floor:
Dada Disco
Denise B.

Chalet Club