&ME – 12″ – New Release on KEINEMUSIK – Shallow – Out Now!
RAMPA – 12″ – New release on Defected feat. S.Y.F. (Azari & III) – Out Now!
TILL VON SEIN – CD – Suol Mates II – Out in September!
TIGERSKIN – New Album on Dirt Crew Rec. – All Those Goodbyes – Out in October!
DIRT CREW – CD – New Compilation on Dirt Crew Rec. – Deep Love 3 – Out Now!
youANDme – „BEHIND“ LP Press Feedbacks

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Clear calls on KM019 on behalf of &ME. Youʼll find heavy pounding floorchunks on this plate, rigid material, requiring blood soaked dancing shoes.

Take A-side “Shallow” as an example. God knows where that name stems from, youʼll hardly find any shallowness in here. Highly arousing, this surge of sub-bass, about to flood everything redundant out of this tune. Electrifying, this very kickdrum, on itʼs rough and relentless march. Impressive, how those percussive patterns are layered. Leaving no brainwave unswitched, that hook-sonar, transmitting into space, making the ultimate rave locatable.

And then there is “Heist” on the flip, presenting a kick that is about to give out face-slaps all the time, sporting snare-samples like whiplashs, adding some freewheeling break-banging to kill every remaining inhibition, and putting a mono-flourish into place as the ultimate signal to let yourself go. Any questions? Well, the answer will always be: Just because.

More info:

Artist: &ME
Title: Shallow
Label: Keinemusik
Cat#: KM019

Release date: 16.08.2013



RAMPA feat. S.Y.F. (Azari & III)

– Where Did I Go Wrong – (Defected) – OUT NOW

It has now become common knowledge that Rampa has built a reputation as someone who puts out quality vocal house tracks, and what better way to reinforce that by teaming up with SYF from Azari & III. Keinemusik’s Rampa’s release features two fresh tracks, the Original Mix and his Ramp Club Mix. The original initiates with Starving Yet Full’s instantly recognisable voice before building up into a cool drop where we witness this Berlin based producer’s production prowess with his ability to develop a serious groove with subtle bursts of bass and prominent hi-hats. The Ramp Club Mix takes on a different vibe as the track bursts into life instantaneously with a far more lively and percussive introduction. A groovy bassline is later introduced and then hot on the heels are SYF’s funky vocals that will no doubt inject life into any party.

More info:

Artist: Rampa feat. S.Y.F. (Azari & III)
Title: Where Did I Go Wrong
Label: Defected
Cat#: DFTD403

Release date: 26.07.2013




– Suol Mates II mixed by Till Von Sein – OUT IN SEPTEMBER

Since the release of the Suol Mates debut edition with Fritz Kalkbrenner at the controls, who better to man the helm for the Suol Mates method than TILL VON SEIN?

You know the guy…the one who treats genre parameters like poorly guarded borders and laughs at the “speed police” sheep keeping a watchful eye out underneath the 115 bpm zone. He’s the same guy whose DJ sets virtually embody what’s happening on this CD. Till is that rare breed that can build things up by committing the cardinal sin of ignoring matching tempos and stylistic conformity, instead focusing on the emotion (read: “Soul”) and colour of a track over its alleged functionality.

TILL VON SEIN has created a kind of fascinating song-stream limbo from which intoxicating dance floor moments emerge from time to time, but where he ultimately has the bigger picture in view; certainly bigger than any dance floor could ever be. We’re into ethereal heights of mixing expertise when a compilation of tracks predominately from other artists bears an inimitable signature. That’s precisely what we have here:

First, start with the Field Recording-based meditative waves from Noyce and throw in ingredients like Ayala’s smooth D’n’B, Ripperton’s feelgood after-hours vibrations and jazzed up Latin space disco from Ackin’. Add the slow melancholy of El_Txef_A and the chillwave “grandeza” of Toro Y Moi and Blood Orange, then exhale slowly in an easy-going Sebastien Tellier jam. Finish up by mixing it all into a sunset synth-flooded, instantaneously relaxing and altogether cohesive vibe. All that’s left is to sign your name: Suolmate TILL VON SEIN.

More info:

Artist: Till Von Sein
Title: Suol Mates II
Label: Suol
Cat#: SUOLCD007
Release date: 13.09.2013



– New Album on Dirt Crew – OUT IN OCTOBER

After being the main artist on Dirt Crew Rec. for over seven years with a staggering 13 Ep’s in that period either solo or with his buddy Till von Sein, our Berliner boy Alexander Krüger has finally concluded a full album. He is one of Germanys most consistent producers an has a huge release list on Discogs ranging from the mid nineties when he started out as „Korsakow“ and „Dub Taylor“ on classic labels like „Force Tracks“, „Müller“ and „Raum Musik“ to date.

On the album you will find 14 tracks that reflect a broad variety of styles from the first few tracks that are more in the Deep House direction to the Electro-esque and listening Ambience middle part to the banging Techno ending of the last few tracks. Alex shows us his universe of Music and his love for many styles in electronic music. He also teamed up with some of his best friends and musical companians like „Till von Sein“, „Ulrich Schnauss“ or „Eddie Richards“ (Fabrik/London) who all have been in the game for a long time and each of them stand respectively for a different sound, „House“, „Electronica“ and „Techno“.

Enjoy this album as much as he did putting it together for you in the last half year and enjoy what Tigerskin and his friends came up with!

The vinyl version of the album will feature 3 Bonus club tracks that are not on the CD…

More info:

Artist: Tigerskin
Title: All Those Goodbyes
Label: Dirt Crew Recordings
Cat#: DIRTCD05
Release date: 14.10.2013



– New Compilation – Deep Love 3 – OUT NOW!

Out now the annual summer compilation from the Berliner label Dirt Crew Recordings „Deep Love 3“. Which as with the previous editions features a lot of new faces, artists that have caught their attention over the past year and have been in touch frequently with new music. But of course they also feature some of their residents with fresh material like the Dutch league „Ben La Desh“, „Last Mood“,„25 Places“ and our old buddy „Morning Factory“.

Finally there are three special tracks on this compilation by Berlin residents and live House combo „Spleen Underground Music“ and by Dirt Crew label owner „Break 3000“ who teamed up with his Tokyo buddy „Yoshi Horino“ for a special deep and moody track. Last off is Leipzig House veteran Filburt who gave us a dark and deep Electro joint that is breathtaking and beautiful.

More info:

Artist: VA
Title: Deep Love
Label: Dirt Crew Recordings
Cat#: DIRT073
Release date: 19.08.2013



– Album – Behind (ORNAMENTS) / Press Feedback

The album produced by youANDme titled youAND:THEMACHINES – „BEHIND“ LP got released in June, 2013 and got featured and supported by many many artists and national & international press.


Sven Väth, Laurent Garnier, Carl Cox, Richie Hawtin, Dubfire, Solomun, Ame, Agoria, Kollektiv Turmstrasse, John Digweed, Tensnake, Scuba, Jennifer Cardini, Jimmy Edgar, M.A.N.D.Y., Sascha Dive, Mano Le Tough, James Teej, Danny Howells, Charles Webster and many many other…


THE LAST BEAT Mag(Germany): “Heißer Anwärter auf das Dubtechno-Album des Jahres.“
FAZE Mag(Germany): “Der luftig leichte Charakter der gesamten Platte fasziniert.“
FRESHGUIDE Mag(Germany): “Sound und Artwork sind sensationell.“
MAMMASITTA Mag(Bali): “This album gives me hope 4 the music industry!“
LAUGHTER Mag (USA): “The techno fever continues with a killer debut from youAND:THEMACHINES!“
PLAYGROUND Mag (Spain): “BEHIND is the best that can be heard today.“
VICE Mag (Portugal): “True music from the heart which you will find in a lot of end of the year charts!“
MIDI DEUX Mag (France): “youAND:THEMACHINES likes to surprise us on a high level.“