UTA (Twen FM)
KEPLER (Sick Girls)
TAPES (Selah Wadada)
SHE’S DRUNK (Leonizer Rec)
SARAH FARINA (Through My Speakers)

„We need a room.“ That was the conclusion of a talk we had over dinner a while ago. A room for us and our music. A room where we can play whatever we want and with whom we want. We that is Sarah Farina, Uta and Kepler – your hosts for the night!
At the Rec Room we will show you what we love about music without any other boundaries than our own restless minds. There will be room for experiments and adventure as well as booty shaking dancefloor mayhem. There will be guests or no guests, well known or unknown. Just as we like it.
A room for re-creation. Literally. See you there.

This Englishman found his sombre wits in Leipzig whilst working with the great folks at Jahtari, later setting up his own label Selah Wadada and going on to release on Belgian label Meeuw Musak.
Being the stunning music nerd he is he sometimes plays his sets just with cassettes (yes, tapes!) whilst playing an array of JA influenced bass riders. We are excited. You will be, too!

She’s Drunk
Not so much really! The She is a He, a newbie in Berlin and somehow shy. When Sarah Farina found him on the net somewhere and heard his music for the first time his fate was sealed. This might only be the third gig of a young talent we hope to establish further in his new home town. Expect beats and clicks with a mind of their own and a ghetto twist underneath.

Is she even real? A pharmacy technician in her daytime this strikingly skillful DJ turns into a wild creature of music when she hears a call for help just like Bruce Wayne turns into Batman. Her mission? Spreading the goods! Be it on the airwaves as a presenter for Berlin independent radio Twen FM or as a vinyl-only goddess who’s only aim it is to go deep.

Sarah Farina
A true music lover. Despite her young age, Sarah is a hunter and collector for everything warm, bassy and substantial. No matter if she’s just found this new producer with only 32 fans on Soundcloud or if she seeks out the full back catalogue of Wackies – trust her choice! As long as she feels it, you will, too.

You might have heard her sets before when she was still calling herself Half Girl/Half Sick as one part of the notorious DJ Team Sick Girls. With her new moniker Kepler she’s now exploring darker shores and digs even deeper into the hidden space beneath the hardcore continuum and the ghosts in the machine.

Köpenicker Str. 70, 10179 Berlin