SOULFUTUREBASS geht in die nächste Runde, eingeladen haben wir diesmal aus London FutureFunk-Gott Bobby Tank, dessen offizielle Beschreibung so geht:

Bobby Tank is the new wunderkind of glitchy electrofunk, a producer and performer who makes music that sounds like a mosaic of every great electronic dance style of the past 30 years. His music is steeped in dubstep and drum’n’bass, the epic pop constructions of Michael Jackson, glossy soul, hi-tech funk, dextrous jazz fusion, even prog. A self-taught producer, drummer, bassist, guitarist, keyboard player and turntablist, he stumbled across a new kind of future-funk after entering the world of computer music. Over a series of releases he has established himself as a “mad maximalists” akin to Rustie and Hudson Mohawke“ Wir freuen uns auf eskalierende Synthies und wildeste Bässe. Support gibt’s von Hazeem (Beatgeeks) und der SFB Familie.


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Spreewaldplatz 8, Kreuzberg, 10999 Berlin,