Zukunft Ostkreuz
Laskerstraße 5, 10245 Berlin

12:00 – 08:00
Eintritt: €5-7


HANNA LEESS // Indie Folk
THOSE GUYS BERLIN // Psychedelic Blues Funk Hop
TIKOGO // Afrobeat Dub Jazz Fusion
& special special guests..


lislbar & wermuth (Bohemian Drips) // Ethnokraut
DOUBLE VONISTIQUE (Bohemian Drips) // Crackraut
Neil Flynn (KR Family/FEED) // Moon House
My Friend Samuel // Left Tech
BY THE INCH // Techno, House, Ambient
D.I.M.M.Y (Get REAL Physical Records) // Detroit House

…plus many more to be announced!

Bojangles is a collaborative project & dream of two orphans adopted by Berlin whose desire is to create a permanent space & venue to help further cultivate and nurture the cities amazing arts. Our dream is to create a local space for all the artists, musicians and people in Berlin to play, create, watch and listen, unhindered, uninterupted and completely free from resident conflicts and noise complaints. Today, the laws in Berlin are becoming tougher and tougher for musicians, artists and venues to create and play freely in their local areas. Many shows and ideas are cut short, venues shut down and operators fined unfairly because of the shifting population demographic and the growing conflicts between venues and neighbours. To help reach a happy and healthy resolution between residents and the artists that have developed and defined the Berlin that we know and love, many venues are being forced to invest heavily in measures to combat this, eg. extra licensing and sound proofing, which many simply cannot afford. Bockstock ’14 has been designed to help us reach our goal and be able to afford these extra measures for this special project of ours. Many of the artists featured have generously donated their time and support to help us with this cause and this is what we ask of you. Help us keep the Berlin we all the love and the Berlin you know for many more years to come. Got bock?