Loophole Berlin
Boddinstrasse 60, 12053 Berlin

noisy glicht girl singer and producer, resident in Berlin. In her music she mixes electro, punk, 8 bit and noise.

Cascao & Lady Maru are a quirky-electro-duo, coming from the saucy-punk-no-wave scene of the aethernal Rome.
Cascao is a freaky dancer and producer, Lady Maru is a dj and no wave-punk musician in the bizarre roman underground:
they started their work togheter in 2008 and it quickly turned into a wacky-dancey live act, with guitar, synthie, some live samples and percussions… funny tribalism and poppy arty melodies :they have already toured around europe a couple of times ..

Vorheriger Artikel17.8. Freimeuter* enthüllen Anarche
Nächster Artikel16.8. Fabelhaftes Wiedersehen * Open Air & Indoor
Born 1972 DJ since 1992 Owner of THE CLUBMAP Part of Zug der Liebe & OpenAir to go