Oranienstraße 183, 10999 Berlin


Aftershow Cocktail & Costumes Exhibition

Cigùri is a multi talented French composer based in Berlin who blends visual art
with electronic music into an intimate and powerful live experience. Inspired by
Shamanist ritual and mythology, Cigùri tells her epic stories from the sea shore to
the battle mist supported by the spectral sound of Kerta von Kubin and her self
made steel drums instruments.
Cigùri released “Mare Nostrum” a martial and symphonic debut album in 2014 with
a successful crowdfunding campaign. The independant record release was presented
at the Volksbühne’s Roter Salon in Berlin with Matt Sims who collaborated with
Planningtorock and The Knife. Cigùri’ sound signature is an organic dark pop supported
by a bewitching voice, a noise guitar and hypnotic visual patterns.
Time Lapsed Death is a live video ep , an unusual format composed of 6 tracks recorded
in the essential transition time between touring and recording the second
album. Directed by the French upcoming director Robin Plessy (Boys Noize, aMinus,
Kool Thing, Ninja Tune), on the undeground stage of Urban Spree in Berlin, it
reveals the magic chemistry between the two musicians in the reunion of electronic
and nature, industrial music roots and an intimate soul music spirit.