Matthew Styles
Borja Pena
Marc Miroir
Sean Andino

Über-DJ MATTHEW STYLES is todays highly acclaimed headliner of our official garden opening. His hypnotic, driving and deep sets are pampering the ears in the world’s finest clubs – and find their way straight into every movable part of the body. His Berlin gigs are legendary, also his boiler room set and we are looking forward to have him in the intimacy of MEMBERS. As a producer he arrived in the big league with releases on Ostgut Ton or Cocoon, or as remixer of e.g. Dinky’s ‚Fallen Angel‘, which was the closing song of every MEMBERS for the longest time.

London-based BORJA PENA is well known as resident of MEMBERS London, and a gay London household name not only through his successful party ‚dish‘. With his latest release he didn’t earn recognition for the first time to a much wider audience. We are looking forward to hear him in the garden where he will make members move in his own unique style.

Really exciting news is Berlin discovery SEAN ANDINO who caught our ears through his long and well structured sets with amazing pay-offs.

On a night like this MARC MIROIR cannot be missing who guarantees to sum it all up in a masterly end. No fireworks of short-lived crackers, but to build up to a massive unloading, that’s the style, MEMBERS is known for.

Sat 23.05.2015, 23.59h
Kosmonaut, Friedrichshain, Wiesenweg 1-4, 10365 Berlin
S Ostkreuz or S/U Frankfurter Allee