THU 24.03.2016, 23.59h
Kosmonaut, Friedrichshain, Wiesenweg 1-4, 10365 Berlin
S Ostkreuz or S/U Frankfurter Allee

Easter comes early: MEMBERS on Maundy Thursday!

No one has brought forward Berlin as the capital of electronic dance music like ELLEN ALLIEN! She is internationally the epitomy of Berlin dance music due to her ability to move the dance-floor like no other. And due to her successfull label BPitch Control which is delivering continuously premium tracks, among others by Paul Kalkbrenner, TokTok, Sascha Funke or Modeselektor.
We are so looking forward to have her in the intimacy of MEMBERS!

Straight from Paris we cater another international musical delicacy this time: MAXIME IKO! Since celebrating his first release 2011 on Steve Lawler’s label Viva Music he is an integral part of Paris’ world of supreme beats. Both his parties ‚Cockorico‘ and ‚Le Bal Con‘ are known for it’s superb electronic music, just like MEMBERS!

Adding resident MARC MIROIR, the Big Three are complete, the ultimate triumvirate of auditory bliss.
Much has been written about Marc’s driving and hypnotic talent of building slowly up to the most unbelievable climaxes. Feel for yourself!