4 & 5 November 2015
8:00 – 10:00pm
Video Screenings with Q&A @ MOMENTUM, Kunstquartier Bethanien,Mariannenplatz 2

Ulu Braun // Wojtek Doroszuk // Thomas Eller // Amir Fattal // Niklas Goldbach // James P Graham // Constantin Hartenstein // Mark Karasick // Yuan Keru // Map Office // Bjørn Melhus // Tracey Moffatt & Gary Hillberg // Neozoon // Erkka Nissinen // Li Ran // Franz Reimer // Julia Charlotte Richter // OQ Rizki Utama // Clemens Wilhelm // Lu Yang // Li Zhenhua

MOMENTUM is proud to host the launch of the I SEE International Video Art Festival, including a selection of works from the MOMENTUM Collection.

“The more that I see the less that I know for sure” – John Lennon

The I SEE International Video Art Festival is an initiative of the artists Constantin Hartenstein and Clemens Wilhelm, launched in 2013. In 2015, the second edition of the I SEE International Video Art Festival will once again reveal the latest developments in contemporary video art. The festival will be launched in Berlin (Germany) at MOMENTUM, and then travel to Beijing, Guangzhou and Shenzhen (China) to connect these four vibrant video art scenes.

Focusing on four main curatorial themes, the presented videos will give a fascinating insight into how artists deal with the current challenges and opportunities of the digitalized world we live in. The festival sets out to present ground-breaking video art works by emerging and well-known international artists who examine the impact of technological and aesthetic inventions. Three screening programs – “THE END OF THE IMAGE AS WE KNOW IT”, “POST EVERYTHING”, “THE ANIMAL WITHIN” – present unique artistic approaches to animalistic instincts, the omnipresent influence of technology on society and concepts of post-futures. In addition, the program „AUTO ANALYSIS“ will present a selection of seven works from the Momentum Collection that explore the relationship between a subject and its self-perception towards transformative environments.

Li Ran // Constantin Hartenstein // Julia Charlotte Richter // Bjørn Melhus // Lu Yang // OQ Rizki Utama

THE END OF THE IMAGE AS WE KNOW IT examines constructed digital entities and re-values social norms. It bends the boundaries of original content and newly created context in a consumer-driven reality. In treating the frame as a space to break apart filmic forms and narratives, the works in the program look at ways to juxtapose diverse ranges of assembling narratives and stylistic elements. How are the images of the past reassembled in the present? Would you like to become an alpha-male overnight? Is the image of an old white male ruling class still adequate? How does the experience of war change the image of home? What if there was a superhero with the special forces of a uterus? How can your family appear more happy in photos?

Niklas Goldbach // Franz Reimer // Clemens Wilhelm // Erkka Nissinen

The POST EVERYTHING program points out the relationship between innovative aesthetics which transform cultural output and the past as a resource for the construction of the present and the future. It shows a world which fetishizes the new as a surplus value. The program brings together works by artists who attempt to paint a picture of the making of future through the constant transformation of the past and present. A small step forward can already mean shaking up all definitions. Can you turn a desert into a utopian city? How do we relate to world-changing media events? Are we happy with simulacra instead of the real things? And how to be an artist in a hyperreal world?

Neozoon // Ulu Braun // Yuan Keru // Wojtek Doroszuk

THE ANIMAL WITHIN combines videos which deal with a new kind of wild behaviour and creative expression – either within ourselves or as a reaction to a vanishing fauna. Inspired by 17th century painting, hunting videos on youtube or Hitchcockian scenarios, this program presents works that elaborate upon spiritualism, emotional tension between mankind and the wilderness, as well as facing death as a reminder to the animalistic nature of our being. What do we feel after we shoot an animal? Why do birds look at us with disinterest? What happens to the soul in the forest? What is the difference between humans and dogs?

PROGRAM 4: AUTO ANALYSIS (Program Curated from the MOMENTUM Collection)
Mark Karasick // Tracey Moffatt // Thomas Eller // Li Zhenua // Map Office // James P. Graham // Amir Fattal

The MOMENTUM Collection represents a cross-section of 120 outstanding artworks in a diversity of media: video, performance, photography, painting, collage, and text. It ranges from some of the most established to emerging artists representing 17 countries worldwide. This program shows seven video art works that explore the relationship between a subject and its self-perception towards transformative environments. What is going on in a child‘s mind? Do we need „others“ to define our self? How lost is the white male? Are dogs the better humans? Can you run away from your self? How much time is a beard? How romantic are ruins?