if man is 5 then the devil is 6…
7 years of K O O K O O
Friday, July 1 – OHM Gallery

Seid nett zur Natür! Be kind to näture! That was the first message an aspiring musician from the western part of West-Germany sent out to the world. On cassette tape, decorated with his own handwriting, in an edition of 5, in 1982. The young man called himself King Dada. He knew what was going on and what went wrong in a world where mankind acted so unkind. And he still knows.

King Dada goes by his real name now, ANDREAS REIHSE. You will have heard of him as a founding member of the band Kreidler, through his collaborations with NEU! drummer Klaus Dinger and Annika Henderson, through his take on compositions by electronic music pioneerConrad Schnitzler, and his solo project April. ANDREAS REIHSE acts, composes, curates, produces, writes. And we’re especially proud that he DJs – on the occasion of the 7th birthday of KOOKOO.

You can’t go wrong while preparing for this very special b-day night if you follow this advise from King Dada’s Näture tape: Aufziehen der Taube nicht vergessen! Don’t Forget To Wind Up The Pigeon! The members of LIKE A WILD BEAST’S FUR surely won’t. The collective likes to delve into hybrid forms of art, merging electronic music with theatrical explorations of literature, presenting the outcome of these adventures on a regular basis at Berghain Kantine – and at KOOKOO’s 7th anniversary of course.

Fine artist CARLY FISCHER has been involved in the adventure that is KOOKOO since day one. Through her artworks, replica environments that inhabit an ambiguously hybrid and fascinating space, she created the unique visual identity of KOOKOO. After charging her batteries in the heat of the Australian desert for a good three years, she’s finally back in Berlin and will unleash the stored energy at OHM Gallery, the former battery room in the huge defunct power station in Köpenicker Straße.

YUKIHIRO TAGUCHI deals with a very special kind of energy as well. His video installations are fueled by spontaneous inspiration and tend to be as unpredictable as they are intriguing. Could anyone imagine a KOOKOO night without his flickering imagery? We can’t. And that’s why we, your hosts MIEKO SUZUKI & ARA, after 7 years of KOOKOO, most of all just want to say: thank you. Thank you! Let’s be kind to näture! Let’s go KOOKOO!