begin the fall into your arms…

:: music
xin (live – Subtext) // https://xxxiiinnn.bandcamp.com
MIEKO SUZUKI (Kookoo) // www.mixcloud.com/mieko
ARA (Kookoo) // www.mixcloud.com/kookoo

:: art
LINDA HAVENSTEIN (installation) // www.lindahavenstein.com
YUKIHIRO TAGUCHI (stop motion) // https://yukihirotaguchi.wordpress.com
CARLY FISCHER (sculpture & photography) // www.carlyfischer.com

Friday, November 2, 10 pm
OHM Gallery – Köpenicker Straße 70, 10179 Berlin

xin is an artist and musician based in Berlin. They are mindful of avoiding conventions and like to pull away from the patterns and grids that instruments, software, and the music biz in general often so conveniently provide. No wonder, the rhythms and sounds on their debut solo release, To Shock the Sky and Shake the Earth, defy definition. The EP was released digitally through Subtext Recordings earlier this year. Out of a strong desire to approach things differently and inspire change, it is not to be found on your usual big corporate streaming services but only on a couple of independent platforms.

On occasion of the release, Subtext highlighted how xin is “navigating spaces between conventions, cultures, pressures and sounds”. And that’s just one of the reasons why we’re outright delighted that xin chose KOOKOO as the proper setting to present their first official live performance. It definitely promises to shock the sky and shake the concrete floor at OHM Gallery.

As if that weren’t enough, fine artist LINDA HAVENSTEIN will present some of her latest work, stemming from her urge to examine phenomena we most often take for granted and her drive to meditate on and unveil their concealed meanings and effects. More visual art is displayed by KOOKOO mainstays CARLY FISCHER and YUKIHIRO TAGUCHI, more rhythms and sounds that are trying to pull away from the grid are provided by KOOKOO hosts MIEKO SUZUKI and ARA.

begin the fall into your arms…

Let’s go KOOKOO!

* * *

KOOKOO is a bi-monthly multidisciplinary collaboration led by Japanese sound artist Mieko Suzuki and writer and journalist Arno Raffeiner alias Ara. KOOKOO events focus on electronic music and its connections to visual art and conceptual image design, all of these elements being based on a carefully chosen song quote that sets a different mood and provides a fitting motto for each night.

The special atmosphere at KOOKOO events is created through a constant dialogue of the artists responding to each other, a dialogue with the space at the venue – the OHM Gallery inside an immense defunct power plant building in Köpenicker Straße, Berlin-Mitte – and, most of all, a dialogue with the audience.

Kicking off in the summer of 2009 as a monthly event at Farbfernseher in Berlin-Kreuzberg, KOOKOO created a unique and intimate underground party vibe, gathering a strong and dedicated following. From early on, the hosts Mieko Suzuki & Ara focused on collaborations with, among others, fine artists Carly Fischer, Yukihiro Taguchi, Sarah Lüdemann, Christopher Marquezz (Von Spar), Ink Agop, and Aiko Okamoto. KOOKOO quickly became one of the favoured hot spots in Berlin’s notoriously nocturnal music and art scenes.

Over the years, KOOKOO was graced by musical performances by the likes of Rabih Beaini (Morphine), Stefan Goldmann (Macro), Electric Indigo (female:pressure), Barnt (Magazine, Mule Musiq, Cómeme), Anika (Invada, Stones Throw), Paul Purgas (Emptyset), Frank Bretschneider (Raster), Perera Elsewhere (Friends Of Friends), Mo (Media Loca), Robert Lippok (Raster), Errorsmith (MMM, Smith N Hack), Lawrence (Dial, Smallville, Sky Walking), Clara Moto (Infiné), DJ Red (BPitch Control), Andy Vaz (Yore Records), Elbee Bad (Nu Groove, La Rhone), Finn Johannsen (Macro, Hard Wax), Kihira Naoki (Social Infection), DJ Glow (Trust), Bill Robin (Tempa, Rebel HiFi), and many more.

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