MS Stubnitz
Kirchenpauerkai ,26
20457 Hamburg

Mark the date for an incredibile journey on the boat Berlin Invasion meets for the first time SP23 for a full meeting crew on the infamous MS Stubnitz. The SP23 crew have a long history playing on board the MS Stubnitz, creating waves from Rostock to Amsterdam, London With SP23’s roots in the outlawed British sound system culture of the 1990s, and the Stubnitz’s creation of an off-shore arts space, there’s always been a natural symbiosis Joining the forces London masters D.A.V.E The Drummer & Maxx Rossi for a proper techno injection.

Full line up

► Crystal distortioN Live (Sp23)
► Ixindamix Live (Sp23 / Audiotrix)
► 69db Live (Sp23)
► Racket Alert Live
► jeff23 /dj tal (Sp23 / AIA)
► Mickey Meltdown (Sp23 / Audiotrix)
► Grant UglyFunk
► Deco by Cult of Signs
► D.A.V.E. the drummer (Hydraulix)
► Maxx Rossi (Primate / Polymeric / Onset )
► konik polny (Berlin Invasion / Joprec)
► Groove Daniel (Berlin Invasion / Lounge Squatt)
► Kal-El aka Giorgio Superman – Berlin Invasion
► Monday Slayer (Berlin Invasion / Lounge Squatt) Live
► Vj Claer (Berlin Invasion / Joprec)