Title: – Amberflame aka AN-2 – Pulse Code E.P.
Label: – Theomatic
Release Date: – Early Dec

After a short break Theomatic is back with its second release in 2019. ‘Pulse Code EP’ by Amberflame – Andrei Zakharov’s (aka An-2) side project aimed at finding the right balance between organic yet experimental sound – is a selection of top-notch electronica with the flair of old-school disco and everything in between. The crafty and meticulous use of a variety of custom analogue hardware give way to keeping an open mind with production and sound design, which varies greatly, but at the same time, shares a coherent quality throughout the EP. The opening track „Hope“ sets the mood with its melancholic airy strings and pulsating arpeggios developing effortlessly until the groovy guitar bass kicks in lighting things up and giving the mix a completely new perspective. Taking a more experimental edge ‘Pulse Code’ is a PCM-inspired leftfield electronica piece which goes a new direction with its solid synthwork and fluent drum programming. The title of the closing cut ‘Dreamscape’ speaks for itself: it is a meditative electro-focused affair where gliding synth basslines meet ebb-and-flowing lush atmospheric soundscapes.

Pulse Code EP is out soon on Theomatic.

Artist: Amberflame
Release title: Pulse Code E.P.
Cat.no: THEOM026
Format: 12″ and Download
Label: Theomatic
Release date: 1st December 2019 (TBC)

1. Hope
2. Pulse Code
3. Dreamscape

Artist bio:
Amberflame is Andrei Zakharov – musician, DJ, sound engineer, studio owner and founder of Theomatic Records from St.Petersburg, Russia.