Here you have the new sound voyage in our digital branch. Again showcasing a long distance travel in the form of an album. It is really inspiring to find that there are young producers out there like that are pushing the boundaries and trying to sound futuristic and original in this mediochre instagram days. This is the case of CONCEPTUAL, half of the Berlin based duo Beat Movement. He offers ten diverse approaches to scifi techno, ranging from the cinematic Red Sun and Null Respekt to the dynamic and floor oriented numbers like Basilisk, Nocturnal or Blue Spirit. To the twisted and abstract Upside Down, Healing Dance or More wants more …or the tribal and shuffled exercises like Paradise of Poets and Tasmanian Devil. As we said, original, risky, futuristic, and carefully done by a young producer that will have for sure a lot more to showcase in the coming years.

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ALBUM TITLE : Null Respekt
LABEL : Warm Up

Artwork: Acid Hazel

Official Videos: Emile Abadie aka ABEM, Giovanni lo Castro, Giorgio Funaro, Lefteris kas, Videosolid/NVS, Vincent Gabrielli and Florian Girardo aka Glitched Factory.

2 CONCEPTUAL – Basilisk
3 CONCEPTUAL – Nocturnal
4 CONCEPTUAL – Blue Spirit
5 CONCEPTUAL – Upside Down
6 CONCEPTUAL – Healing Dance
7 CONCEPTUAL – More Want More
8 CONCEPTUAL – Paradise of Poets
9 CONCEPTUAL – Tasmanian Devil
10 CONCEPTUAL – Null Respekt


“Don’t be scared to do what makes you happy, even though it means going against the stream. Make art the way art is beautiful for you. Simone Scardino , already known as one half of the duo BEAT MOVEMENT, has created a musical style and vision that truly is his own, showing this to the world with his new solo project CONCEPTUAL. “Techno is body music. It’s all about this special feeling that you have when your mind disconnects and your body just follows the music, the feeling of freedom when you dance.” Simone’s vision of techno unceasingly characterizes his productions as well as his DJ sets. Colorful and energetic techno, a powerful explosion of craziness and happiness at the same time. Last year Simone founded the Berlin based art and music collective Friendship Collective. Through his devotion to techno, visual and performance arts the idea for CONCEPTUAL was born. His performances will often be characterized by collaborations with visual artists and performers, creating a special techno experience for the people that come to see him play. Born in 1992 in Lecce, the city of ‘sun, sea and wind’ in South of Italy, Simone left the hometown at young age to pursue his artist dream. First by moving to Rome where he had his first approaches with a bigger scene and played regular gigs at the biggest techno
events and venues at that time. In 2017 he moved to Berlin, a ‘warm’ city in its own unique way and the best place to meet other creative and openminded people in his point of view. Simone’s progressive approach to producing and DJing as well as his collaborations with artists in and outside music reflects his artistic vision and goals as much as his spirited personality, and, in its essence, embodies what CONCEPTUAL represents. Plans for the year hold upcoming releases as well preparing playing live,
continuously exploring the world of electronic music with his fans.