Whilst 2020 has seen nu-disco star Tim Bernhardt AKA Satin Jackets return to his roots, releasing an EP of equally chilled- and blissed-out instrumental cuts, fans of the vocal collaborations that marked the German producer‘s last album are well catered for with ‚Think About It‘, a brand new single that nods towards a poppier direction and wouldn‘t sound out of place on last year‘s ‚Solar Nights‘ LP.

Recorded earlier this year in the legendary Hansa Studios in Berlin, famous for having hosted the likes of David Bowie, Depeche Mode and Falco in the 70s and 80s, the storied building‘s atmosphere, an inspiration to songwriters and musicians for decades, quickly worked its magic on Tim.

„I was in Berlin for a few days to meet and work with songwriters from around the world, and really it‘s not hard to be motivated when you‘re in a place with a history like Hansa.“ he explains. „It‘s like it has this aura from all the great records that have been recorded there over the years, it left us in awe and was very inspiring. Anyway time to do some proper disco I thought and so that‘s what we did.“

And „proper disco“ is exactly what we‘ve got here. A beat that will kick your feet into gear, a bass line to engage your hips, guitars, pianos and strings all coming together to deliver the kind of sun kissed melodies Satin Jackets fans know and love and then to top it all off a stunning vocal performance to ensure that much like the lyrics say this is one track won‘t be able to get out of your mind this summer.