Terra Chã are Lisbon natives DJ Fabrizio Reinolds and Ricardo Fialho, a duo that has crafted a few releases and has been around for years as one of the city’s most well kept underground secrets!

Their mysterious “Edhel EP” on Release/Sustain explores the pair’s deeper electronic dance floor influences. While Kalena may be considered as ethnic flavored dubby techno (with a clear west African vibe), Aquiles is a mellow, mid-tempo deep house groover and an emotive and touching composition.

Remixes come from Release Sustain residents Moody Waters and Himan. Waters revamped Kalena into a strong after-hours spaced out club dub tool (with plenty of space and psyched out synth bleeps – if you’re into Luke Hess, you’ll enjoy this), while Himan remixed Aquiles into a mantric motor soul winner, drenched in melody, pounding beats and contemplative soundscapes.