Giuseppe De Chiara aka. WarinD joins Cluster Node with his new EP ‘Don’t Buy Your Hype’ (CN007) bringing with him both his killer sound and raw talent. The EP, consisting of two original tracks and two lethal remixes delivers it all: from fast-paced techno, industrial blasts to 100% rave bangers.

A relentless broken kick carries us through the first track ‘Valbag’ while eerie vocal sounds resonate, gradually winding up over the course of the song until an alluring synth seemingly absolves us of all sins.

The title track, ‘Don’t Buy Your Hype’, is captivating in an uncanny manner with the combination of a melody bordering on soothing and a dancefloor acid synth line that will leave audiences restless.

Crystal Geometry’s energetic retro remix of ‘Valbag’ delivers what can only be described as pure rave blast and anticipation just before the sun comes up.

The steady build-up of intensity throughout the course of the EP culminates in a demolishing remix of the title song by Aneed, showcasing his explosive style of crushing techno kicks and relentless industrial power.

An outburst of energy that will make you dance through the night.

Mastered by Rupert Clervaux / Artwork by Stephen Mclaughlin