RELEASE DATE:2020-09-25


Arkham Audio presents yet another delicious techno EP by renowned French electronic musician Electric Rescue alongside a solid lineup of remixers. ‘Dream Warriors’ follows on from Electric Rescue’s recent album release on none other than John Digweed’s Bedrock Records, and comes bearing more of the intoxicating rhythms that we have grown accustomed to and equally as indulging reworks by Denise Rabe, TWR72, and Arkham label head Cri Du Coeur. This record firmly establishes that his hypnotising yet adrenalizing sound is a force to be reckoned with as he unveils a relentless yet minimalistic techno sound that shows inspiration from his friend and mentor Laurent Garnier.

The rave begins with the original mix of ‘Dream Warriors’, which leads with an infectious beat and hazy serpentine melody that thrusts your mind into a powerful yet entrancing oblivion. Heavy percussions and lively daunting melodies set the tone for rest of the record. Cri Du Coeur’s rework of introduces itself with a pommelling baseline, layers of stimulating hi-hats, and transcendental melodies that create the perfect inebriating brew. The Denise Rabe remix spices things up with a mind-numbing visceral baseline and spooky industrial sounds that echo throughout the atmosphere.

Next up is ‘Einoeino’ which has a playful beat that contrasts with a dark and fuzzy looping melody to create the ultimate heart-racing and thrilling experience for the listener, leaving you to imagine being chased around a haunted circus. The remix of ‘Einoeino’ by TWR72 delivers his signature sound that encompasses pulsing rhythms, unyielding muffled baselines, and a slightly off-beat groove that concocts the perfect smoky dancefloor track.

Bringing together an innately well-suited collection of artists, Electric Rescue showcases his industrial techno-wizardry and prowess in putting together enthralling and boundless soundscapes with his new EP ‘Dream Warriors’ on the newly-founded yet tenacious Arkham Audio label.