KARLITA delivers AMOR FABOLA – the sophomore 5 track extended player on clipp.art by the French artist. Throughout Amor Fabola, Karlita deepens into the sound she developed on her wonderful 2019 debut release Lazydayz, while exploring the more rounder elements of house music.

It’s a sound Karlita warms to and there is a clear affection for the transformative power of house that oozes and permeates from every fibre of the project. From the warbling intro, underwater vocals and distorted perc patterns of “I Can’t Wait” to the linear movement of “Body Language”, rough edges of “a tiger in the heart” and propulsive electro vibe of “Eternity”, Amor Fabola is music created from emotive energy, and pieced together from those elements occupying introspective dancefloor spaces.

But at its centre this is a work of love. A love of house and the moments and freedoms that house music affords the listener. While the choir vocal pads of closing track “Unfaithful” echo stylistically the floating mantra of 10CC’s “I’m Not in Love”, the core of this material invites similar intimacy. AMOR FABOLA itself translates from the Latin “love story”, while Fabola also lays roots in “storytelling, tales, drama” and in French “Fabuler” can mean “invent” or “make up” or “fantasize”. There is crossover in the word “fabricate”. While Amor also takes up in “infatuation, attachment, adoration”. And like anything created there is a process.

As the listener we are invited to also make up our own story, as if to say we all have a choice in the things we love and hate. Locate the drama where we will. Piece it together. An artist also known for working through the medium of collage, Karlita thematically stitches together elements from what is known and beyond knowing. About house music. About the individual and their art. About the things we make up. In her own words “This album tends to retrace the process of a romance, good or bad, to each his own interpretation”.