New York based imprint Absence Seizure delivers their first digital release, a compilation of favorites from the previously vinyl only catalogue.

The project highlights the versatility of the label, a mix of slow burning ambience; dark, hypnotic minimal; and raw, percussive, New York techno.

Kicking off the compilation is Ukranian born, New York based Matuss, with ‘Alien is my Boyfriend’. The wonky synth line and snappy hi-hats set the stage well for what’s to come. Next is ‘Saudade’, a deep and intoxicating groove that slowly develops into an afterhours jam. ‘Aladiss’ moves us into tribal territory, featuring a pounding kick, pulsating bassline and melancholy horns.

The fourth track, ‘Menuet No.13’, is a remix from label co-founder and legendary NYC techno producer, Abe Duque. It’s ominous, horror film-esque keys, are perfect for a dark, basement dance floor. Matuss’ ‘Acido’ is a slow burner worth waiting for, highlighted by distorted kicks and bubbling acid, it never fully reveals itself until the claps arrive four minutes in. About halfway through the compilation we take a break with ‘I hate Valentine’s Day’; a murky, dark, ambient soundscape, featuring low end drones and off-kilter percussion.

Aptly named ‘Tektango’ brings us up again, using snappy percussion and pulsating rhythms, highlighting Matuss’ ability to create a jam that is both funky and trippy. ‘Fairy Dust’ starts off slow using deep chords and a pulsating low end drive, and develops into a sci-fi like soundscape with swinging cymbals and a spaced out synth line. ‘Stranger Things’ contrasts dark ambiences alongside lush pads, slowly building into a groovy banger that leaves you wanting more.

Abe Duque’s ’11-27-2017’ is raw, New York techno at its finest, with squelching 303 lines, dreamy arpeggios and robust analogue drums. ’22 October’ is full of explosive, raw percussion; sonic ambient pads; and a bouncy bassline that make this the perfect, peak time stomper for any party.

Rounding out the compilation are two more tracks from Matuss, ‘Travel High’ and ‘Continuum’. The former has a long build up; with thundering kicks, an old school style vocal sample, and groovy bongos. The final track is a fitting end, this deep, slow burning track evokes the sun rising at the end of a party.

Available for the first time digitally, Absence Seizure’s compilation is not to be missed. This is the best of modern, New York Techno!