German producer Koltbach is releasing a music video for his single “Pi (π)” from his new album with the same name.

Just as the circle number, Pi (π) stretches infinitely, as it determines the squaring of the circle; almost like a river that seemingly endlessly feeds the oceans and is again the origin and source of all rivers. Why? What is behind it? What drives it?

The music video was created by Dmitry Volodin, an amateur digital artist from Russia, currently residing in the United States. The Pi (π) music video belongs to the series named Uncut Diamonds. The series evolved over time from the static images to more and more sophisticated animations. The idea behind the series is simple. Imagine you found a photo of clouds. Now, animating this single image would be like trying to reconstruct what the sky looked like a moment before that picture was taken, and then a bunch of other moments around that time. Essentially, the picture is produced by an algorithm that results in an extremely wide range of outcomes, while the animation is a work of the artist’s imagination.

Everyone will likely see something different in the ever-evolving shapes in the Pi video. The author saw a human-like spirit reliving a life over and over (if watched in a loop), but this is just one of very many possible interpretations. One thing is certain: without a concept of the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter, this animation wouldn’t exist!


The whole album „Pi (π)“ is an abstract statement, an approximation, a temporary, fleeting feeling of answer at best. The seven meditative and cinematic tracks were inspired by thoughts and ideas of theorists and scientists like Leonardo DaVinci, Werner Heisenberg, Marie Curie or Albert Einstein. Through their theories he tries to understand existence and find a meaning but doing that brings up even more questions for him.

“What is the universal significance of the findings of the greatest scientists and thinkers in this existential dimension? What is the concrete significance of the findings of the greatest scientists and thinkers in the here and now? How do we successfully fight the pandemic? What do we do about the climate change?” asked Koltbach while he was composing.

How is it possible that with the help of Radium (Ra), for example, it can be quantum theoretically proven that Schrödinger’s cat is dead and alive at the same time?

Why can Photons (ɣ) be particles and waves at the same time – and only the observer influences their existential character by looking at them? What does this say about our existence? About the nature of our consciousness? What does it say about our life?

How do we achieve the 2 degrees Celsius (°C) goal to mitigate global warming and other Anthropocene impacts?

What is the significance of Schopenhauer’s word in relation to genuine will and the actual possibility of changing human behavior?

This album is an attempt to pour some of Koltbach’s most urgent thoughts and feelings into a concrete form, to reconcile mind and instinct for a moment, for a brief moment, to be part of the river – Fol (♥).