Label Name: – Sores (Sound+Matter)
Release Date: – Friday, July 30 2021

Track Listing:

1. Mother
2. Heritage X
3. Hold On To The Key
4. You Scream, All Door Open
5. Deaf Ears, Blind Eyes
6. Why Rain Makes You Cry
7. Attic Salt
8. Desert Song
9. Thurifer
10. Men Of Iron, Made Of Straw
11. Bathing The Ghost

Record Sounds Like: A spaced out mix of generative ambient, avant-garde, kraut and dubbed out industrial music.

After their short and bitter January debut, Our Mothers Meds are back on Sores (Sound+Matter) with a lengthier musical offering. This new album, spanning over 11 tracks, is an eclectic slow-burner, which for the most sticks to the grittier and more experimental territories of downtempo and ambient music. However, its different sonic influences and nuances make it a varying listen but also a demanding experience with a mesmerising atmosphere and a surreal narrative that are actually holding it together.

The music of Our Mothers Meds on this recording is created through contrast and juxtaposition of musical elements. Just look at the spaced out, almost post-country, sound of Hold on to the Key or Desert Song. On the other hand, thereʼ s the industrial-heavy percussion on Attic Salt, which is put into a dialog with sparse, borderline melancholic synth lines. The latter pierce the album throughout its whole narrative, until it all beautifully washes out in the subtle sound of the closing piece Bathing the Ghost.