-COBALTO+ release their Atmosphere feat. Lilith remixes EP

I-Robots & Opilec Music are excited to present a very special remix package featuring three reworkings. Inspired by the early work of Joy Division, New Order and Ian Curtis, a set of artists who were in turn inspired also by the Italo wave directly and created a generation of music that sent shockwaves through global music.

Opilec Music present a special remix collection for-COBALTO+’s „Atmosphere“. Featuring an I-Robots Reconstruction alongside remixes from Luca Vera and Riggel. Leading the pack I-Robots provides his own take on the track, having worked previously reworking some remakes like Blue Monday, Dirty Talk and Lucky Star, I-Robots rework was heavily influenced by the works of those music greats and the sound from New Order to Kraftwerk – completing the circle of musical inspiration that knows no borders. His reconstruction celebrates an era of sound that blurs the sounds between post-punk, Italo, Pop and other Electronic sounds.

-COBALTO+ themselves are an Italian band best known for working recently with Tim Palmer, their “Atmosphere” track is a remake of Joy Division’s 1980 classic – featuring „Lilith“ the ex singer of “Not Moving” an early 80’s kult Italian rock band: their remake first appeared on their -COBALTO+ 2018 LP „Citus Mutus“.

Rounding out the EP we have remixes from Luca Vera and Riggel, each taking the track in their own unique direction with no compromises.

Releasing this May 30th, the release artwork is made from Artefract/Tim Paulvè France.

Label Name: – OPILEC MUSIC

Track Listing:

01 -COBALTO+ – Atmosphere Ft. Lilith (I-Robots Reconstruction)
02 -COBALTO+ – Atmosphere Ft. Lilith (Riggel Remix)
03 -COBALTO+ – Atmosphere Ft. Lilith (Luca Vera Remix)
04 -COBALTO+ – Atmosphere Ft. Lilith (Riggel Instrumental Remix)

Record Sounds Like: Nu-Disco, Indie Dance, Synth Wave, Deep Electronic, Techno

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