Release Title: – DJ Foreign Boyfriend feat. Simon B – Stay in Bed Today

Label Name: – Province of Nowhere

Release Date: – Friday, June 25 2021

Track Listing:

01 DJ Foreign Boyfriend feat. Simon B – Stay In Bed Today

Record Sounds Like: Wavy K-Pop Bass ’n’ Breaks. Sounds something like Yaeji, Bok Bok and Abjo having a nice morning cuppa together.

‘Stay in Bed Today’ is the debut release from new China-based label Province of Nowhere. Cruising along at a steady 120bpm, the track weaves together sassy K-Pop vocals, dreamy synths, ravey breakbeats and huge volleys of bass to create something a little different for the modern, open-minded dancefloor. Would work in a soulful Jersey/Vogue/Club set or even as an exotic diversion during a Deep House journey.

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