Artist: Artizhan
Title: Artizhan LP
Label: Apparel Tronic
Format: Vinyl
Genre: Breaks / Jungle / Trip Hop / Drum and Bass
Release Date: 10 December 2021
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Apparel Tronic is proud to present you the new album by Artizhan called Breaks From The V.. The DJ and producer from Naples, who’s been a pivotal figure of the Italian Electronic music scene since a very young age, is not new to the Tronic catalogues with his newest moniker but this one is surely his most complete, heartfelt and anticipated work to date. Having been in the scene for more than 25 years allowed Franky B to experiment, improving his creative techniques with ninja-like dedication and always testing himself along the rapids of music production, DJing and scratching. Now he’s ready to emerge once again from the shadows with his new LP: a groundbreaking, powerful, cutting-edge work we’re all extremely proud to finally release and, most importantly, his most profound sonic confession so far. With ‘Breaks From The V’ (the title of which is a tribute to his homeland, where ‘V’ stands for Vesuvius), Artizhan narrates his life through his music and embodies the best version of himself displaying, through ten stunning tracks, great versatility as a producer, ranging from D&B and Jungle to abrasive beats and some masterly composed and very personal paraphrase of IDM. The LP, out in Autumn 2021, is a massive showdown by the artist himself and his label, both united towards a single objective: telling Artizhan’s incredible story as effectively and efficiently as possible.