Label Name: – ESOM Records

Release Date: – Monday, November 22 2021

Track Listing:

1: Paradise
2: Muzic Box

Record Sounds Like: If Felix the Housecat and Mr Fingers had a child and that child produced House Music, this is what his music would sound like

Club 1980 is a head nod to those heady formative days of 1980s house music. Although the temptation to make a contemporary style track with lots happening was great, Kariuki has managed to keep to the relatively simple style of the era, while cautiously and stealthily introducing modern stylistics to both tracks.
Paradise is built upon strong foundations with a solid and hefty kick enveloped inside a warm and simple bass. The simple 3 note riff & pad sound which is an obvious tribute to one of the greatest house tracks of all time runs through the track like a river ebbing and flowing and moving the track beautifully along, topped off by the male vocals which were part and parcel of the time.
Music Box is equally built with deep roots to support this heavy track. The melodic bass gives the track a deceptive groove alongside the simple stylistic layers of hats, vocals and pads which swoop in and out to propel the track towards its darker stripped back more menacing second half of the track where the simple yet complex journey comes together beautifully

Artist Quote – „Nothing sets a club dancefloor into overdrive like an old school track from back in the day dropped at juuust the right time. Who doesn’t love a bit of old school vibes once in a while? Everyone knows Olds Cool. „