Label Name: – Posh End Music

Release Date: – Friday, February 11 2022

Track Listing:

1.PJ the King
2.I’m Gonna Dist You Right Now
4.Tom Tom Club
5.I’ve Got Nothing Left(Feat DAIYE)

Record Sounds Like: Dance floor acid and techno tracks with influences right across the board.

Fear-E kicks off his brand new imprint Posh End Music with an EP from the man himself. His ‚A New Era‘ EP features 5 original cuts exploring the boundaries of his unique rough and ready sound.

Opening the record is Scotts personal tribute to Paul Johnson in ‚PJ the King‘, an artist who has had a foundational influence on the music we make today, and sadly passed away recently.

Following that ‚I’m Gonna Dist You Right Now‘ is a twist on the classic Acid formula, machine rhythm, and an addictive acid-line. Whereas ‚ReZerection‘ flips the rhythm onto a more syncopated base – as always with Fear-E it’s this variation in his sound and ability to keep it fresh which brings the pack together.

Rounding out the record are two more belters – ‚Tom Tom Club‘ lets things get a bit more synthy and squelchy but still with the signature tight rhythmic energy, and lastly we have the first collaboration between Fear-E and Glasgow DJ/Producer Dave Shades under his alias DAIYE, their track ‚I’ve Got Nothing Left‘ evolves the stripped-back banger form, and certainly doesn’t spare the horses in getting you there.

The first Posh End release, Fear-E ‚A New Era‘ drops this Feb 11th 2022.