Label Name: – Telavivi Records

Release Date: – Friday, February 18 2022

Track Listing:


Record Sounds Like: Record sounds like „Dark electronic music“ , we can compare it with the dark sound of John Hopkins. It’s emotional, strong and deep at the same time.

Rome in Reverse prepares „NOX“, this journey into the Deeper side of electronic music has touches and influences from many quarters weaved into a unique soundscape for 2022.

Paired with the recent „LUX, this new EP is a darker affair with more emphasis on strong emotions as we take a trip into a new world.

Releasing this Feb 18th.

Artist Quote – „It was 2020 when I finished LUX & NOX. I wrote them in the same moment but I decided to split them in two EP. LUX , in Latin, means light, NOX, night. They are siblings , different siblings. LUX it’s fresh and easy going, NOX it’s strong, deep, overwhelm. The purpose is to take you in this „new world“ that I am exploring for the first time“