‘All My Thoughts’ present a package of remixes for Tom VR’s ‘Please Keep Shimmering’ album, featuring Midland, Peach, Lone and Kareem Ali.

Tom VR has been quietly developing his style under the surface. Recently his signature sound has flourished and resulted in a string of records, including the album.

‘Please Keep Shimmering’ was inspired by the fight against burnout and keeping the flame of creativity alive, against the various odds. It resulted into an expertly crafted journey of textural patchwork electronica.The highly personal album now gets reinterpreted by 4 artists close to Tom’s heart.

For his remix of ‘Soared Straight Through’, Midland picks up on the infectious sense of hope that drives the album. Peach ramps up the tempo and delivers a colourful reinterpretation of ‘Partner’. Lone pursues the echoes of jungle on ‘October’ and adds an extra dose of breaks for good measure. Finally Kareem Ali delivers a forward-thinking deep house rework of Soared Straight Through’, wrapping up the remix EP beautifully.