„Flashin For Energy EP“ is a wild style piece of club music straight from the core of our community. Main protagonist of this story EP is label head honcho BEE LINCOLN with release No. 45. The Tittle track features the foggy voice of fabulous RECTANGULAR. Riddled with remixes by MIRO PAJIC and FLO PIRKE, the release comes on top with an additional tune by the formation THE USUALISTS (Bee
Lincoln & Flo Pirke).
There are nights when unpredictable things happen as it was when „Flashin For Energy“ was born. A driving force led to pump some proper bangin rhythms with gnarly basses on a raw drum pattern. Some distorted handmade synth stabs herald the icing on the cake for the wasted vocal cuts of the smoky voice of RECTANGULAR! Road-tested and approved on many gigs last summer.

El maestro Miro Pajic takes it on for a remix and convinces as usual. Crisp as fuck, he injects an im- mortally mystic atmosphere and fades in the voice cuts at the right perfect spots… Miro at its best! The second remix comes from label mate Flo Pirke who turns the drum elements in order for a speedy minimal tune and provides an outstanding groove by adding some tight bass stabs. Just excellent!

THE USUALISTS strike back in the fourth title called „AXen0on“. The collab project mainly consists of tracks made by live jams with the studio gear. A pumpy drivin ́ bad-ass minimal track with nasty acid rolls is the result and ready to rumble the floors.