Artist: Fischer & Forde
Title: It’s Just Business
Label: Calico of North America
Cat #: CNA001
Format: Digital (Vinyl soon-ish)
Genre: Disco/Alternative
Release Date: Aug 12th

The beauty of music is that it allows for reprieve in times of despair. Years of isolation and stress from the pandemic left longtime friends Cory Kilduff and Luis Dubuc yearning for creative solace. Inspired and wanting more, they combined their bountiful talents and passion for disco and created Fischer & Forde.

The duo’s relationship formed decades ago, working together as an artist and producer on several albums. Sharing a passion for making music that feels good, the pair knew a collaboration was imminent to reinvigorate them amidst dealing with the effects of the pandemic. It’s Just Business is the debut LP from the duo that showcases their fresh take on disco music.

Both with roots sewn deep in music of all genres, Fischer & Forde are creating music that is intricate and impressive. Taking on the writing process with a “yes and…” approach, It’s Just Business doesn’t find itself constricted to traditional rules. They’ve combined the pure essence of disco with french house influences to create something unique and exciting. Managing to counterbalance the negativity looming over the world, It’s Just Business is bright and refreshing.

Drawn to the inclusivity and positivity that the disco community brings, Fischer & Forde are looking to uplift folks and bring them together through funky tunes. Celebrating individuality with every track, their music is inspiring. Lose (or find) yourself in a track or two. It’s Just Business will be out soon.