Label: Say Namm

The end of the summer? Say Namm certainly says not, with the second EP on the imprint continuing to weave sun kissed Disco deep within some razor sharp and body shifting House beats.

Ever since the early days of the 90s when producers began experimenting with the signature motifs of high octane disco music within the 4 on the floors, there has been a steady stream of happy go lucky releases which have never failed to deliver the goods on the Dancefloor. Say Namm label head BDK remains a devotee to both genres, and pours his passions into the tunes he crafts, with SNA001 demonstrating the vibe of the imprint and the direction it might be heading in. The tunes found on this release weren’t your run of the mill edits, oh no, they had heart, swerve and depth, with the samples pushed to their absolute limit both in terms of energy and creativity.

Keeping the fire very much alive and well, 002 provides the diversity and well roundedness we came to know and love with the first release, with each track showcasing a differing side to the relationships that persist between disco and house. The EP’s opener ‘Just Can’t Be Without You’ draws plenty of focus to the baseline and looping vocal effect, a superb groove that delves deep into the soul; ‘All I Want’ keeps its cards close to its chest, with a thunderous rhythm section providing the basis for a heart clenching melodic section to come forth, and its release is top notch; ‘Oh! What a Life!’ Places plenty of emphasis on the excellent drumming patterns, with the intricate key lines and vocal performance dwelling perfectly within the peaks and troughs; and rounding off the experience comes the aptly named ‘Disco Sauce’, which shifts perspective to the euphoria inducing guitar riff, one which dominates the top layer to perfection as the rest of the track also does the business over and over again.

So why not embrace the warmth and get lost within some superbly made disco-house, with riffs and hooks to remember and rhythm sections to really immerse yourself within. The Dancefloor is waiting…..