Label: MRali Recordings
Cat: MLR042
Format: Digital
Genre: Afro House
Release Date: 09 December 2022

The stars align on this new effort from singer-songwriter Munaishe in creating a dazzling, sunshine kissed Deep House vibe that lingers long in the memory, with emotion dripping from every bar played and word sung….

Its sometimes easy to forget Munaishe is only 28, with his sound reminiscent of someone who had been doing so for much longer, his sound a highly refined one and his skills wide reaching and emotionally and technically complex. A multi-instrumentalist, Munmaishe is perhaps best known for his vocal work, with a particular gift at improvised lyrics and being able to perform in multiple languages, which has endeared himself to audiences around the world. After mastering his crafts and honing his many talents at the Music Crossroads Academy in Zimbabwe, he has gone on to perform and at a number of music festivals, alongside working with artists from Zimbabwe, South Africa, Nigeria and DRC.

On his latest record, Munaishe teams up with two of the hottest producers in South Africa, Tommy Mrali and Modisa, with the resulting collaboration resulting in ‘Error’, which lands on Tommy’s Mrali imprint. Both Mrali and Modisa are deeply inspired by a wide range of influences, with Deep House from both at home and abroad alongside African rhythms of all kinds becoming key motifs within their own productions. ‘Error’ has a classic sound to it, yet there is plenty of forward thinking to it, an impeccable production value that gives everything that glossy, immersive present day feel whilst setting the tunes up very nicely for continued enjoyment going into the future. In true House music fashion, we are presented with four versions which all provide a differing side to the original cut, and to say ‘Error’ is a thought provoking piece is an understatement if we ever heard one. The track opens up with the delightful Rhodes chords alongside the intriguing baseline, and from within this wondrous instrumental underbelly comes Munaishe’s vocals, and they are something special, showcasing his talent in rising and falling from the notes, cascading across the top ends with grace and ability. The drumming patterns do a superb job at keeping things ticking over, and the result is a vocal house cut which makes you want to move and feel all at the same time. The instrumental cut removes the vocals and highlights the work of Mrali and Modisa in regards to the production, whilst the reprise mix removes the drums and really invites the listener to dig deep into the emotion of it all, and its quite the trip. Finally, the radio edit condenses the tune down but doesn’t sacrifice any of its power – no matter how long this track is, it will still serve up the goods.

So why not join the journey that Munaishe, Mrali and Modisa have prepared for you, as Mrali Recordings proudly serve up a House anthem for our time, one which beguiles, soothes and grooves along to the rhythms of life, now then and forever more.