Label: Fresh Meat Records
Cat #: FMRASP 09
Format: Digital
Genre: Jackin House / Deep House / Chicago House
Release Date: 28 October 2022

The Spirit Repair EP by Audio Soul Project was released in 2000. The a-side cut ‘Back To Joy’ gained most of the attention back then, licensed no less than 30 times to third-party labels and in heavy rotation by DJs across the musical spectrum. You could say the track put ASP on the map, and you wouldn’t be wrong. The other tracks on the EP got love too, with many deep house types name checking ‘Gettin’ Tha Feeling’ as one of their all time faves.

The goal of this remix project has been to find music makers that make our hearts skip today, who also have a special place in their hearts for the original Spirit Repair EP. Mission accomplished with DJ Mes, Chris Udoh, and Geto Mark.

West Coast house stalwart DJ Mes jumped at the opportunity of remixing Back To Joy. We love his productions and his fantastic label Guesthouse Music, so we were delighted to have him take a swing at the track. He must’ve grabbed the biggest bat in his closet, cause what he sent back is a fire and brimstone, ‘take the dancefloor to church’ stomper. Mes uses many of the original track elements and vocals, adding his own drums and bassline, a dynamic arrangement, and a righteous preacher vocal that asks us to feel the spirit and dance. Amen!

Pittsburgh native and Wamdue Kids alum, Chris Udoh turns in a remix of Gettin’ Tha Feeling. He mutates most of the original elements into a collage-like construction reflecting where he is today sonically and what he loves about the original track. Udoh is a producer of storied pedigree and his skills come through in the sweet mood of his shuffled reincarnation of Gettin’ Tha Feeling. He adds a spoken word about the importance of honesty in the act of creation. There’s a psychedelic nature to the way Udoh has pulled and twisted on the original elements; a layered accruing groove, with filtered waveforms, and continually morphing rhythms. This is Udoh in full command of his talents.

The final track of the EP ‘Say Yeah’ gets the Geto Mark treatment with an assist from one of the original producers of Spirit Repair, Mazi Namvar. Mark has been reviving the Chicago 90s ghetto / booty house sound with a slew of recent productions and remixes on labels like Bunkaball, Ghetto Rhythm Composers, and Jackinthebox. He’s gotten the seal of approval from the OG ghetto luminaries like DJ Deeon, DJ Milton, and DJ Urban. You’re either gonna get this version or you’re not. Chicago Ghetto House can be called many things, but ‘subtle’ is not one of them. This 130 BPM, 909/808, SH101 beast is either going to have your dancefloor uncontrollably shaking their tailends or have people throwing drinks at you. Play at your own discretion.