Label Name: – Société Holographique de Montréal

Release Date: – Friday, November 25 2022

Track Listing:

1 – Dice & Aces
2 – La Salacia
3 – The Genie
4 – High Road
5 – Blue Pill
6 – La Salacia (Deep Mix)

Record Sounds Like: Basslines like Channel Tres, dreamy synths like Kerri Chandler, mystical strings like Nicolas Jaar, percussions and raspy vocals evocative of Sinego

Evasion EP: Concept

The past years have pushed us to seek and value blissful moments of escapism more than most of us ever have in our lifetimes. We’ve all relied on feeding art into our minds as a means of evading the weight of isolation and frustration at our stalled lives. This EP is a sonic vessel meant to carry us to the distant spaces we drift to when we need a break from it all. Every song represents its own form of escapism or refuge, steering the listeners, our passengers, from gambling games to Matrix-inspired double dimensions, from sea folklore to religious legend. Some are forms of distraction, others sites of solace in a most trying time. The instrumentals evoke the carefree sense of cruising down a coastline, decadent sunsets, the timeless allure of discovering new places and faces.

Another place of refuge has been the internet, which happens to be where we met. Moses shared the snippet of an instrumental on his Instagram stories, calling out for vocalists. Thaïs was immediately inspired by track’s mysterious melody and bewitching beat. The topline and lyrics flowed out instantly, and before long she’d sent back the track which would go on to be the first song on the EP.

We’ve spent the past months cooking up our own home remedy for the symptoms of our era, because making music is how we self-medicate. These songs are the silver lining to a crushing situation, global confinement birthing a stillness without which this collaboration may never have come to be.

Every night of lockdown Thaïs has little solo raves on her balcony, elevated by the music, in withdrawal from the energy of dancing in a room full of vibing strangers. And so we set out to create the very vibe we’ve been searching for, the vibe we’ve been needing. Thaïs sitting by her bedroom window in Marrakech, armed with a microphone and her lyric book, Moses in his Montreal home studio, surrounded by synths. Thousands of miles apart, in different time zones, but on the same wavelength. It takes a rare creative synergy for two people who’ve never met to work in such organic consonance, and the two artists have jumped head first into this project, Moses seamlessly weaving Thaïs’ raspy soul vocals into his rousing synths and hypnotic beats.