Berlin Atonal is happy to announce X100 – a new one-off festival that celebrates and contextualises the legacy of Iannis Xenakis (1922 – 1997). Xenakis’ pioneering work initialised techniques and directions that continue to inspire a variety of disciplines from architecture and drawing to music theory and light design. But a hundred years after he was born, the continuing presence of this great composer is felt most strongly in the thriving and overlapping tradition(s) of experimental electronic music – the world in which Berlin Atonal operates. The music of this prolific utopianist continues to not only challenge modes of temporal existence, but of how music can be imagined and shared. For this special festival his work – electro-acoustic, instrumental and vocal – will be contextualised amongst performances and presentations by some of the most pioneering artists working in experimental culture today.


Ana Maria Avram’s ‚Nouvel Archae‘ by Diana Miron
Bill Kouligas
DJ Marcelle
Emma DJ
Russell Haswell & Florian Hecker – UPIC Diffusion Session # 23″
Iancu Dumitrescu’s Hyperion Ensemble
JJJJJerome Ellis
Kali Malone presents Living Torch
LABOUR presents sungazing
Lee Gamble
Marcus Schmickler presents Particle/Matter-Wave/Energy
Moritz von Oswald presents Metameric 1.2
Okkyung Lee
Pan Daijing
Persepolis (1971)
Puce Mary
Rashad Becker
Sergio Luque
Valentina Magaletti

and the following works by Iannis Xenakis

Concret PH (1958)
Evryali (1973, piano)
GENDY3 (1991)
Hibiki-hana-ma (1970)
La Légende d’Eer (1977)
Mikka (1971, violin)
Mikka S (1976, violin)
Mists (1980, piano)
Mycenae Alpha (1978)
Nuits (1967, vocal ensemble)
Okho (1989, percussion)
Pléïades (1978, percussion)
Rebonds A (1989, percussion)
Rebonds B (1989, percussion)
S.709 (1994)