Following the releases of “Häxan” by Dagerlöff and Galner and „Loup Vert” by Julien Grassen Barbe, the young Parisian label Histoire Inconnue du Disque announces the label’s 3rd release: La Prise Électronique by french electro artist Fabien Guiraud.

“La Prise Électronique” is above all, an intriguing record.

Like Fabien’s previous work, this album is recorded on reel to reel tapes. He used a wide array of vintage machines and analogue synthesizers. The result is a bold yet elegant tribute to both library music and great film score composers, but above all a testimony that Fabien is a master musical storyteller.

The first single, “La partie de cartes“ is a song somewhere between 70’s analogue pop and western film music. Whilst its atmosphere is calm, there is a touch of suspense, allowing the listener to make up their own scenario.
“La Prise Électronique” is out on 10 March via L’Histoire Inconnue du Disque.

about Fabien Guiraud:
Fabien Guiraud began his career in France as a visual artist, where he undertook a number of experimental electronic performances. During this time he was also one of the earliest members of Chateau Marmont and he is currently a member of Cargo – an electronic band that are now based in the UK. After relocating to London his music has shifted towards library music, primarily created with analog synths – and he has worked on a number of film soundtracks as a member of Odd Collective. His approach to creating music is to score everyday life – with its different emotions and rhythms. He organises songs into different categories of motion pictures – from clumsy situations or tragic events, to speculative fiction and emotional romance.

about Histoire Inconnue du Disque:
HIDD’s motto is to return to a time when music was still a crafted art, and to take the opposite view of contemporary habits and «21st century marketing» which sometimes favors quantity over quality. To take care of the music, the human interactions, the elaborated objects.

Conceived by Julien Galner from his recording studio, HIDD is a label for committed artists, in love with the vinyl format and inspired by the know-how of those who came before us.