Label Name: – Back 2 Basics

Release Date: – Friday, March 3 2023

Track Listing:

Track 1 : Aaron Suiss – Imagine (Original Mix)

Record Sounds Like: A Fusion between Funk & Melodic Techno

Aaron Suiss steps up to the plate with his latest offering ‚Imagine‘ on Back 2 Basics. This one-track release showcases Suiss‘ deep and melodic production style, which draws influences from the genre-defining sounds of Funk & Techno.

‚Imagine‘ sees Suiss blend funk grooves with techno elements to create an energetic and groovy tune that’s sure to get people moving on the dancefloor. This single is sure to be a hit with fans of the Indie Dance genre.

This release is one to keep an eye on in the early months of 2023, releasing this March this is a must-listen for fans of the sound.

Artist Quote – „Aaron Suiss delivers a new twist on the Indie Dance genre with this more deep and melodic single. Taking funk grooves combined with techno elements to define this energetic groovy tune. „