Label Name: – Call To Action

Release Date: – Friday, March 3 2023

Track Listing:

  1. Moreno Ácido – Kissing Games
  2. Moreno Ácido – The Way You Make Me Feel
  3. Moreno Ácido – 100 Control
  4. Moreno Ácido – Conundrums

Record Sounds Like: Uniquely Off-kilter House Music

With Moreno Ácido’s latest EP, „Trash/Treasure,“ on Call To Action, the producer delves deep into the quirky and underground world of house music. Each track on the EP brings a unique flavor, with „Kissing Games“ delivering a playful bassline and jagged synths, while „The Way You Make Me Feel“ showcases Moreno Ácido’s ability to blend unique atmospheres with a more stripped back sound. „100 Control“ takes a more experimental approach with wonky sound design and unexpected filtered vox. Rounding out the EP, „Conundrums“ offers a hypnotic blend of groovy rhythms and spacey synthwork. Overall, Moreno Ácido’s „Trash/Treasure“ is a must-listen for fans of off-kilter house music.