1. Mind Corner (Filmmaker Remix)
  2. I Hate You (Jensen Interceptor Remix)
  3. Stranger or Lover (IMOGEN Remix)
  4. Alone (DJ Loser Remix)
  5. Last Things (Vaal Remix)
  6. I Hate You (Prequel Tapes Salvage Mix)

Following on from 2022’s ‚The Golden Cage‘ LP, Veyl revisits Marco Freivogel’s Prequel Tapes with a series of remixes. The original album completed a cycle of themes and exploration that began with 2015’s ‚Inner Systems‘. ‚The Golden Cage‘ worked off familial trauma and a hyper-realistic dream experience. Now the label presents a collection of striking remixes, adding a powerful epilogue to the body of work.

Up first, prolific Colombian artist Filmmaker on ‚Mind Corner‘, which injects his brand of mechanical body horror into the cerebral piece. Australia’s Jensen Interceptor makes a splash by ratcheting up the heat with the big bounce of ‚I Hate You‘, while IMOGEN engineers an electro-robotic work from an unknown future or past on ‚Stranger or Lover‘.

Next up, DJ Loser takes things back to the club with his floor destroying interpretation of ‚Alone‘ and slowing things back down, Vaal’s remix of ‚Last Things‘ brings the melancholy to the forefront and pushes us down a dark spiral of emotion. Rounding out the release, Prequel Tapes revamps his own track with ‚I Hate You (Prequel Tapes Salvage Mix)‘, which is the perfect ending to this chapter, fuelled by fear, anger but ultimately hope.