Label: Pont Neuf Records
Cat: Release: March 31rd, 2023
Format: Vinyl, Digital, Streaming
Genre: House / Electronica / Downtempo
Release Date:
February 17th – Single 1 Release: ‚Rhythm Is Key‘
March 10th – Single 2 Release ‚Don’t F* With My Groove‘
March 31st – Full EP Release

Pont Neuf will welcome a new artist to the fold this March. Hailing from Rennes in France, DJ Psychiatre’s back-catalogue of releases speaks for itself, with recent appearances on Shall Not Fade which confirmed his status as an artist to watch in the new French house scene.

Now he makes his debut on Pont Neuf with a new EP Enter The Chill Zone, serving up five-tracks of downtempo, trip-hop infused house that embody a fresh sound for the thriving French producer.*

„I’m an avid vinyl collector, with a particular fondness for house and deep house from the early 2000s. I like the organic, warm groove and the little imperfections that make each track sound so unique. I try to replicate these elements when I produce and it seems the older, I get, the more I tend to slow down my tracks, which is what has occurred here. The BPM is considerably lower than what I’ve previously released as I was trying to find syncopated and warm breaks, to create a collection of 34w564 melancholic and contemplative tracks.“ – DJ Psychiatre.

Psychiatrist by day, DJ by night: DJ Psychiatre is another gem of France’s thriving electronic music scene. His musical output speaks for itself, with a string of successful releases on labels as esteemed as Shall Not Fade and House Plant Records to name just a few. His debut on Pont Neuf marks a new beginning for both artist and label alike, ringing in 2023 with gusto and showcasing an original style for the well-loved French talent.