„The Forbidden EP“ is the new work from the producer known as ^L_ . The first single from the release is the industrial piece „Don’t Listen To This Track“. With samples of iron bars hitting each other, a very aggressive kick and acid sounds, the track takes us to an atmosphere of a factory in a warehouse. it is very immersive, very dynamic and a great example of the sound that the artist has built over the years.

The work of ^L_ (real name Luis Fernando) has been described as almost scary, but attractive. disturbing, uncomfortably pleasant, and even weird. His works by him have been released by labels from Berlin, London, Tokyo and more.

Influenced by IDM giants such as Aphex Twin and Autechre, ^L_ also shows old school knowledge by referencing industrial music, coldwave, darkwave, cyberpunk culture and acid techno. All this range of influences expressed in a cohesive and contemporary way.

The artist explores winding paths through the darkness of the EBM. Add dirty breakbeats, horror movie lines, electric laser beams. Industrial beat elements that tick like clockwork as life swings amidst automated daily duties and emotional experiences.

His songs always have themes of loneliness, nihilism, sounding sometimes perfectly chaotic, sometimes beautifully. His tracks are full of references to movies, books and other elements of modern culture.