Track Listing:

  1. The Beginning Of Everything
  2. The Origin Of The Elements
  3. Astronomical Observations
  4. An Inhabitable Planet
  5. The Risks Of Extinction
  6. The Origins Of Life

Record Sounds Like: Techno, Electronica, IDM, Experimental, Atmospheric, Forward thinking techno music, techno trance, techno Detroit, Birmingham techno, Underground techno,

MOD3LLR presents ‚Life Beyond‘, a forward-thinking techno release that blends elements of electronica, IDM, experimental, and atmospheric sounds. With six tracks, including ‚The Beginning of Everything‘, ‚An Inhabitable Planet‘, and ‚The Origins of Life‘, MOD3LLR takes the listener on a journey through the realms beyond our current reality, immersing you in the future we are all travelling towards.

Drawing inspiration from the likes of the techno legends of Detroit and Birmingham techno, MOD3LLR’s ‚Life Beyond‘ is a must-listen, forward-thinking techno for a discerning audience. Set to drop on Friday, May 5th, 2023.