‘Water Drop Parts 1, 2, & 3
Label: Movida Records
Cat: Movida016
Format: Vinyl, Digital
Distribution: Decks
Genre: House / Techno
Release Date: May 19th 2023

Iconic German label Movida Records make a welcome return from an extended hiatus, bringing together an inspired ensemble of friends & family on the three-part ‘Water Drop’ series.

Offenbach-based Movida offered a stream of breathtaking musical moments between 2009-2017, ushering in kaleidoscopic house and techno sounds from established artists alongside up-and-coming talents. Robag Wruhme, Giovanni Damico, Matt Starr, Arapu, Basti Grub and Patrizio Cavaliere were just some of the many artists to present music via the imprint, with each bringing something genuinely compelling to the distinct Movida Mix.

Spread across three slabs of vinyl, ‘Water Drop’ features a hand-picked selection of subterranean protagonists with nine mesmerising cuts pitched at various points on the house/techno axis. Curated to celebrate the label’s years-long contribution to the dance underground, any profits from the release will be donated to charities helping to provide much-needed support to international communities.

The first chapter begins with Somfay’s gorgeously atmospheric ‘Arborvitae (A Voice like Water)’, with undulating bass notes powering lush pads across precise rhythms for a powerfully emotional opener. Luc Ringeisen & Funk E are next to the plate, serving immaculate minimalist rhythms on ‘Treinta y Siempre’, with metallic synth lines gyrating over sub-rooted bass for an immersive floor-focused groove. Finally, Polyphan Polyphenix’s ‘Polymorph’ dives deep into melodic territory, with evocative synth motifs gliding over crisp rhythms and low-slung bass for a blissful sunrise meditation.

Bodo Elsel opens ‘Part 2’ with the typically refined ‘Egoist’. Here, robust rhythms drive nebulous chords over deeply-rooted bass as spoken word vocals add texture to the cut,
the music expertly primed to enliven esoteric floors. Next, C-Rock dons his Dubstar moniker to present the hyper-atmospheric ‘Träckstyck (Club)’, with wobbly bass combined with sparse rhythms as mesmerising chords evolve over a powerfully floorfocused arrangement. Finally, Patrizio Cavaliere adopts his Rocco Universal alias with ‘Watch The Wind’, blending Detroit-inspired atmospherics with future disco-thrust as thick analogue bass propels searing synth melodies over a conga-led rhythm.

Completing a brilliantly diverse but cohesive set, ‘Part 3’ launches with Franco Cinelli’s ‘Eternal Chant’. Here, gyrating bass bubbles under intricate rhythms as enchanting vocals simmer over tightly woven synth lines across an epic arrangement. Subtly shifting the
mood, Neuronal Network’s dub techno brooder ‘Basic’ drives deep into the nocturnal fog, with gravelly vocal chants permeating hypnotic chord progressions as the groove effortlessly unfurls. Last but by no means least. Sascha Dive rides in with the enchanting melodies of ‘FEOS Treatment’, with seductive vocal waves drifting over honeyed synth refrains as snappy drums and thick bass solidify the club-ready groove.