Witch Trials released his EP CANNIBAL CULTURE on his own label, MYRYRS. The upcoming EP spans genres and journeys between contemporary dance, electronic, house, and breakbeat – showcasing the progression and expansion of a standout artist continuing to evolve and reinvent his craft.

The new EP from Witch Trials delivers a time-travelling thrust of rave culture, melodic riffs and atmospheric beats that would work the dancefloor as hard as a solitary listener at home – experiencing the tracks in confinement.

“CANNIBAL CULTURE… it’s the voices in your head that guide you, the demons in the night or day I overcome, the time I close curtains to obscure the light. It’s the carnivorous force that kills, it’s the kindness of the crowd on the dancefloor, it’s also the power to continue to
create. After the madness, anxiety, and constrictions within or outside of my mind, life goes on.” – WITCH TRIALS

London-based, American-born, and Irish-raised artist Witch Trials releases the visual for his new EP CANNIBAL CULTURE. Confusing the lines that bound or bind art and music, the visual captures the fusion of trauma, light after dark, and a chthonic realm of solitude. The photographic concept and the sound world push distinct interpretations of the mediums and work alone or in harmony.

The EP is executive produced by Witch Trials.

  1. Closure
  2. Tranquility
  3. Put On A Smile
  4. Swallow
  5. Time 2 Go
  6. Pixie Ring

About Witch Trials
London-based, American-born, and Irish-raised artist Omar O’Reilly goes under the alias Witch Trials and is a cult name many are familiar with, featuring on Dublin clubs show and Irish festival lineups over the years, while being one of the most sought-after Irish club

As a Producer, Musician, DJ, and record label owner, he has a DIY approach to materialising his work and continues to weave his heritage into creative practice irrespective of the medium or final form. Best known for his DJ and live set performances across key cities, including Berlin, London, and NYC – Witch Trials drives a compelling output through his self-run record label Myryrs, which debuted the artist’s vinyl record as the label’s first release in 2021.